At the core of Jesus’ life and message was a commitment to love. Not love in the casual feeble use of the word, but a relentless love consistently backed by action, underpinned by social justice and cloaked in mercy. This mystifying and unfathomable love was crystallized by a radical love act - death on the cross. The immensity and intensity of this sacrifice is mind-blowing. Today I am grateful for the love that transforms and fills the gaps. A love that’s willing to dive into darkness, pull you from the brink of despair and upwards into the light, setting your feet on the cliff of new possibilities. A love the heals the fractured and brings wholeness to what would otherwise be incomplete. Some of us have encountered this love through faith, others through family and friends. Some moved viscerally by song and others stand amazed by nature. The beauty of life is the privilege of experiencing love in different places and spaces. Today I am grateful for love, grateful for the cross and grateful for Good Friday - a day where we can all love again - Christiana Mbakwe
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Stella Jean Releases her Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.

Visually and conceptually, Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean never disappoints. The presentation of her garments and the looks she creates are always fresh, flirty and incredibly fun. Each one of her collections carry an aura about them that’s both classic and timeless. And of course, aside from the designer’s heritage, wax prints, ankara textiles, bold patterns and colours all remain permanent fixtures in her designs - something her latest lookbook confirms yet again.

The one change that would be lovely to see, however, would be the use of black models in her lookbooks.

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if I offered you $20, would you take it?

How about if I crumpled it up?

Stepped on it?

you would probably take it even though it was crumpled and stepped on it. Do you know why?

Because it is still $20, and its worth has not changed.

The same goes for you; if you have a bad day, or if something bad happens to you, you are not worthless.

if someone crumples you up or steps on you, your worth does not change. You are still just as valuable as you were before.